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An optimised, safe, flexible experience.


Incoming and Outgoing calls

El enrutamiento situacional conecta las llamadas con el agente más adecuado.


Analysis and personalised reports in real time.

Campaign manager

Business rules automation and efficient and effective workflows.

Regulatory compliance

Compliant with regulations: TCPA/FCC…


  • Predictive, progressive, and preview dialling.
  • CleanCall™ Hands-On in Quarterback mode.
  • Dynamic expansion of workgroups to reduce waiting times.
  • Automatic management of DNCs*. Usability and gamification of the agent interface.
  • Control of agent segmentation according to their skills, abilities and group definitions.


100% Omnicanal

Interacting with clients through different channels.

Digital integration layer

Thrio as a layer on top of the current architecture.

Loyalty analysis

Creating digital compromises that adapt to the needs of companies.

FAQ/Bot responses

The intention of the client is interpreted by a bot and it responds to their questions.


  • SMS, Chat, Bot, Social, Email, Website.
  • The transparent transition between channels.
  • Creating free code for questions and bot responses.
  • Automation of lead acquisition, evaluation of the sales process through scorecards and analysis of user moods.


Workflow engine

Automate quickly and easily with drag and drop technology.

Dynamic management

Contextualise the requests of the client for a more intimate interaction.


Dynamic support of the supervisors and automatic interactions with clients.

Dynamic support

Provides the agent with the necessary information about the customer for a successful interaction.


  • Easy automation with drag and drop technology, more than 72 predefined actions.
  • Easy to use without any IT knowledge
  • Visualise the integrated workflow.
  • Capable of integrating with systems, routine and third party data bases.
  • Capable of embedding any workflow into existing code or interfaces.


Virtual Agents

Intelligent Bots that support agents to respond to clients as quick as possible.

Personality Evaluation

Guide the agents depending on the user’s detected personality.

Smart Scorecards

AI to guide the agents according to the regulations.

Analysis of feelings

It understands and reacts on the basis of the feelings of the clients.


  • AI motors are totally flexible, anticipating possible function changes.
  • AI and its practical implementation are one of the pillars of the Thrio platform.
  • Thrio AI analyses the productivity of the agent in real time.
  • The Thrio AI prioritises the experience of the user, using it to increase efficiency in transactions.