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Value proposal

The Thrio platform is created to adapt to the constant changes in an evolving environment and the needs of the client.


The Thrio platform is a pioneer in multichannel use:

  • Centralising the interaction channels for the client.
  • Easy updating.
  • Adaptable to new channels.
  • Adapts and allows for easy interface use.

Flexible integration

Easy configuration:

  • Cloud-to-Cloud Integration.
  • Architecture based in REST.
  • Modern methods of interconnection.
  • Highly flexible SBC Interconnection.
  • Intuitive call control widgets.

Regulation compliance

Complies with strict standards of security:

  • Strict compliance with security and risk avoidance.
  • Privacy and Security certificates.
  • Exclusive agent dedicated to security.
  • Highly secure user interaction.
  • Continuous maintenance of certificates year to year.

100% Cloud

Latest generation technology based in the Cloud:

  • Delocalisation of the user and the agent.
  • Centralisation of storage of data in remote clusters.
  • Optimisation of voice controls with Edge smart devices.
  • Kubernetes social media management.
  • ZERO DOWNTIME during maintenance.

Process Automatisation

Leader in automatization processes:

  • Complete personalised surveys.
  • More than 100 automatization widgets in the workflow.
  • Robot automatization processes.
  • Multilanguage translator.
  • Voice analysis and high speed dashboards.

Prepared for API

Platform based on CPaaS focus:

  • Architecture based on REST.
  • Without complicated coding.
  • Easy to add other functions.
  • Highly adaptable and flexible.
  • Totally personalised for OEM (White Label)


Application software

Productivity solution